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The WBE team has been successfully developing and launching Internet projects of various directions and complexity for several years. We work on startups at different stages of their development and we can offer our clients the following services:

Startup consulting and business analysis

WBE's specialists carry out a comprehensive assessment of the current business results, which builds individual solutions for each client, and can increase the efficiency and business potential. Business analysis involves a comprehensive study of the client's business, its business needs, the formation of the business goal of the project and the development of specialized documentation for the development phase: Vision and Scope, Software requirements specification, State of Work (SOW), which is the basis of the project's quality.

Develop MVP

The Minimum Viable Product is the minimum version of a product that can be launched to share its first customers and sales. Our specialists, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the entire team, can launch the MVP in just 2 months. We are able to divide the functionality from one that is critical and one that can be implemented after the product launches. The goal of MVP is to save on the development of the entire product, to identify the interest of potential customers to it and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments.

Web-development under the order

Each startup is unique. Therefore, we are approaching the development of each site individually. To begin with, we analyze the idea of a client from a technical point of view, we develop a technical task and a plan for project implementation. After that we create UI / UX-design and we make web-development. Our team works in accordance with Agile-based technology and is governed by the Prince of Flexibility and Innovation. We launch successful startups that clearly meet their business requirements.

Technical support and promotion

We provide long-term technical support for startups and carry out business promotion of the project with the help of effective marketing tools. The VBE team not only helps to create a site, but also makes every effort to make the startup successful and bring profit to its owner.

The main stages of work on startup

An online store is a product of collaborative work by developers and customers. For effective co-operation and quality, there is a certain sequence of product development.
The success of the startup depends on the qualitative stage of planning and choosing technologies that will make the business efficient and profitable. That is why WBE's experts first conduct an assessment and analysis of the client's business, then determine the business goal and create solutions that will help to achieve this. For startups, we recommend that you create an MVP version, since it will allow you to run the main functionality, and add - create and modify depending on the needs of the user and the market.Another advantage of launching an MVP version is that the project is more likely to enter the market where the return on investment begins, and the project immediately tests itself in market conditions, and identifies the changes and additions that are needed to ensure efficiency and profitability.
At the stage of generating solutions, we create a store architecture and work on functional details, develop custom UX / UI design, and approve a set of technologies that we will use. At this stage, we put quality and efficiency, which is why we use our own OpenCart 3.0 fork with advanced functionality. , which puts in place at the initial stage the best opportunities for promotion, thanks to the SEO module - smart. At this stage, we recommend that you create the most functional and functional for the needs of the business-MVP-version, and over its extension to work after launch, focusing on the needs and preferences of the user. This solution will allow you to gain a competitive advantage in the market "Created for the needs of the client".
Qualitatively planned project goes to the implementation stage - here WBE specialists work on the implementation of planned quality, and a flexible development system built on the principles of Agile allows you to improve the planned quality of the project. Our Client receives a weekly result and a development report, so you can be sure. in the results and make suggestions for project development.
After the development phase, we are testing the site (QA) - we verify the work of system processes to meet the conditions that ensure the quality of work and software, conduct QC testing - aimed at analyzing the system itself, identifying its weaknesses or potentially vulnerable places according to system requirements . After that we start the site - we move it from the test domain to the main one.
In order for your business to strengthen its competitive position on the market every day, the WBE team can work on expanding the store's functionality and improving it - continuing to work on the MVP version and promotion. Also, we will be able to provide systematic technical support for the site - regular QA testing, which will ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent any breakdowns in the initial stage, as well as upgrade to the functional, to best meet the needs of users.


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