Talk by Elon Musk and Jack Ma at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Recently, at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, there was an interesting discussion between Elon Musk and Jack Ma. They discussed artificial intelligence, humanity problems, and other global issues. It is noticeable that the speakers were not very prepared for the speech, however, it turned out to be interesting and informative. Musk and Ma constantly agree with each other and make a lot of jokes. Musk as usually talking about colonizing Mars and Ma recommends him to improve life on our planet.


Jack Ma is not afraid of the development of artificial intelligence. He truly believes that computers can be smarter than humans, but he emphasizes that the smart is driven by knowledge and smart by experience. Machines are guided by the knowledge that people have put into them. So in the future, people can come up with much smarter things.


The conversation between the two billionaires is really interesting and enjoyable. We think you should hear it!