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The WBE team has been successfully developing and launching Internet projects of various directions and complexity for several years. We work on startups at different stages of their development and we can offer our clients the following services:

Ecommerce consulting

E-commerce Consulting - In order to bring the e-commerce business to a new level of profitability and scale, WBE's specialists make a comprehensive assessment of current business performance. Based on the assessment, individual solutions are developed to increase the efficiency of work and increase the business potential, thanks to modern IT business automation solutions, functional improvements, UX / UI design changes, and the use of the best digital marketing tools.

Online store turnkey

The development of an online store on a turn-key basis - in order for your e-commerce business to work with the most profitable, the team of the company WBE, is integrated with the creation of an online store. First of all, there is the stage of analysis, the choice of technology and the creation of UX design. As a result, we get a unique online store, with a convenient function and design, a simple system of management and a site that is already ready for promotion on the Internet.

Ecommerce integration

E-Commerce Integration - In order for the e-commerce business to be system-based and profitable, the WBE's specialists carry out system integration of several specialized management systems, business automation solutions, payment systems, marketing tools, and site into a single system that creates a synergistic effect. and works to increase the profitability of e-commerce business.

E-commerce CRM

E-Commerce CRM - For e-commerce business to increase the number of customers and their loyalty, WBE's specialists develop tailor-made CRM systems that meet the needs and objectives of your business. Customers and their behavior are studied by you, and therefore you create and sell the value to the right customer at the right price with the highest probability of purchase.

Marketing tools

Marketing tools for E-commerce - a new or existing site for accessing a larger audience of customers and increasing sales requires scaling. This is possible thanks to the modern specialized digital marketing tools used by WBE-SMM specialists, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, SERM.

Ecommerce solutions: basic steps

An online store is a product of collaborative work by developers and customers. For effective co-operation and quality, there is a certain sequence of product development.
The success of e-commerce business depends on the qualitative stage of planning and selection of technologies that will make the business effective and profitable. That is why WBE specialists first evaluate and analyze the client's business, then determine the business goal and create solutions that will help to achieve this.


At the stage of generating solutions, we create a store architecture and work on functional details, develop custom UX / UI design, and approve a set of technologies that we will use. At this stage, we put quality and efficiency, which is why we use our own OpenCart 3.0 fork with advanced functionality, which puts in place at the initial stage the best opportunities for promotion, thanks to the SEO module - smart.


Qualitatively planned project goes to the implementation stage - here WBE specialists work on the implementation of planned quality, and a flexible development system built on the principles of Agile allows you to improve the planned quality of the project. Our Client receives a weekly result and a development report, so you can be sure. in the results and make a wish to develop, thanks to our work on Agile principles.


After the development phase, we are testing the site (QA) - we verify the work of system processes to meet the conditions that ensure the quality of work and software, conduct QC testing - aimed at analyzing the system itself, identifying its weaknesses or potentially vulnerable places according to system requirements . After that we start the site - we move it from the test domain to the main one.


In order for your business to increase its competitive position on the market every day, the WBE team can work on expanding the functionality of the store and improving it. In addition, it will provide prompt technical support to meet the needs of the work process and conduct regular QA testing, which will ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent any breakdowns at an early stage.


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