Client name

Pharmacy store "Apteka+"

Website link


Project Goal

To develop a user-friendly online store with automation of work with suppliers


Increased site traffic

Thanks to the successful SEO-optimization and work with partners, the site immediately received a stable flow of customers

Increased conversion

Thanks to the thoughtful UX, fast work of the site, optimization for mobile devices - the conversion has reached high rates

Reduced client's costs

Thanks to the optimization of business processes, the client was able to save on not recruiting new staff


  • Develop an online store with a user-friendly interface for users and administrators
  • Synchronize uploading of supplier prices with the calculation of optimal prices for products
  • To provide the formation of a catalog of online store products based on a directory of medicines (> 300k), supplier prices and additional content
  • To implement the most convenient process of search and purchase of goods, due to their large number (> 30k goods in stock)
  • To organize expanded sales reports according to customer requirements
  • To implement the formation of landing pages and SEO-optimization of the site according to the customer's requirements


    • 3 months

Work Team

    • 1 business analyst
    • 2 back-end specialists
    • 1 front-end specialist
    • 1 UX/UI designer


    • OpenCart
    • PHP, PHPExcel
    • Javascript, jQuery
    • MySQL


A team of WBE implemented a series of solutions aimed at digital-transformation of the client's business

Optimized platform for an online store

To develop an online store, the OpenCart platform has been selected and optimized for the needs of the client. This solution ensured the quick operation of the site and convenient administration of the content.

Automatic filling of medicines catalog

Products catalog filling was synchronized on the basis of a large directory of medicines, current residuals of suppliers. Separately developed a functional for the formation of a landing page for medicines and the rules of SEO-optimization in this case are taken into account.

Automation of the delivery process

The module for management of suppliers in the admin panel was developed, the algorithm of updating of prices and availability of products was implemented on the basis of actual suppliers residuals.

Additional content management modules in the admin panel

The admin panel has a number of modules for expanded content management on the site, including a module for automatic exclusion of products in the catalog, export of products, etc.

SEO-optimization tools on the site and in the admin panel

Optimized SEO-module of the platform OpenCart under the requirements of the customer, in the admin panel developed additional modules for managing SEO-data

Advanced sales report

Supplemented standard report on sales of the OpenCart platform by filtration functions by date, city, product, source of customer engagement.

Client Review


We faced a difficult task of automating work with suppliers, as well as managing a large catalog of products. But given the limited amount of resources, we did not fit a complicated system. The WBE team offered us a simple and effective solution based on the web-based admin panel, which was successfully implemented. We are pleased to continue our cooperation with WBE.


Ihor Romaniv

CEO Apteka+