Client name

Internal R&D project

Website link



    • 2 months

Work Team

    • 1 business analyst
    • 1 football analyst
    • 1 UX/UI designer
    • 1 front-end developer


    • Design thinking
    • OpenCart 3.0
    • PHP
    • Javascript, jQuery

Project Goal

To develop a project of a specialized online store for a football club taking into account current E-commerce trends


  • To explore online resources of popular football clubs and to formulate the concept of a specialized solution of the football club's online store
  • To define e-commerce trends of an online store development for a football club
  • To formulate technological and marketing solutions that will become competitive advantages of a football club's online stores
  • To develop an individual UX/UI for the online store, taking into account the analysis conducted


Concept "Fans in the center"


Design thinking method for UX/UI


Tools for increasing trust and engagement


Tools for increasing sales


Integration of the store with other resources of the FC