Client name

Internal R&D project

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Project Goal

To develop a project of a specialized online store for a football club taking into account current E-commerce trends


  • To explore online resources of popular football clubs and to formulate the concept of a specialized solution of the football club's online store
  • To define e-commerce trends of an online store development for a football club
  • To formulate technological and marketing solutions that will become competitive advantages of a football club's online stores
  • To develop an individual UX/UI for the online store, taking into account the analysis conducted


    • 2 months

Work Team

    • 1 business analyst
    • 1 football analyst
    • 1 UX/UI designer
    • 1 front-end developer


    • Design thinking
    • OpenCart 3.0
    • PHP
    • Javascript, jQuery


Concept "Fans in the center"

The concept of "Fans in the center" was laid on the basis of the development of a football club's online store by WBE team. Fans are the main asset of the club, so they should be able not only to make an order in the online store, but to feel like a part of the club

Design thinking method for UX/UI

WBE team applied the Design thinking approach to finding innovative solutions for a football club's online store - from understanding the challenges and needs to testing ideas

Tools for increasing trust and engagement

As a result of the research, it was discovered that content generated by users is coming to the fore. Therefore, WBE team has developed specialized solutions for this - Photo-review module, Competitions module, and others

Tools for increasing sales

Thanks to the developed specialized solutions - module of product personalization, module auction, etc, an online store can maximize its sales

Integration of the store with other resources of the FC

The success of an online store of FC primarily depends on the quantity of fans of the club. As the increase in the quantity of fans is a complex task in which all digital resources of the club should be involved, WBE team has developed a number of modules for integrating the online store with the club's official site, social networks, tickets sales platform and other resources