Client name

Car service center Honza-Auto

Website link


Project Goal

To update the corporate style of the company. To develop a site for the purchase of equipment and services, where clients can get fresh information, easily navigate between pages of the site and order services in a professional company. The new site for Honza-Auto company was to become informative and useful for the client, to show Honza-Auto's expertise and advantages at the market from the first seconds, and also an important task was SEO-optimization of the site.


Site Attendance

+ 300%

Conversion rate of requests to visits

+ 140%

Customers' requests (through the site or phone)

+ 900%


  • Web development: Speed up filling the base of the new site, thanks to its own automated solution. Provide the ability to quickly and easily manage content, with the ability to adapt the menu management to the needs of the system administrator.
  • UX/UI design: Increase commitment to the brand, time of client's stay on the company's page due to the updated color range of the site, and a new navigation that is designed to understand the user's portrait and his needs.
  • Marketing: To create a new positioning on the market, to show the expertise of the only official representative of the leading international company Pride Gas in the territory of Western Ukraine, and to bring benefits to the client when choosing a company Honza-Auto - a guarantee of services and official service in the territory of Western Ukraine. It's better to show the benefit of the customer through a new description of services, to interest and extend the client's stay on the site due to the updated and simplified gallery of porphyllo.
  • SEO: Conduct optimization of the site pages to increase the company's positions in search queries


    • 3 months

Work Team

    • 1 project manager
    • 1 back-end specialist
    • 1 front-end specialist
    • 1 UX/UI designer


    • Laravel 5.5
    • PHP/MariaDB
    • JavaScript, jQuery
    • Laravel Backpack


WBE company has found optimal IT solutions for the client to fully meet customer requirements and create a product that will be convenient and interesting for the site visitors.

Admin panel

The admin panel Laravel Backpack was used for flexible content management. Laravel Backpack lets to build custom admin panels fast, for anything from presentation websites to complex web applications.

Content management

The content of the site has been updated, the advantages and advantages of cooperating with Honza, which the client could not know through the site - a service guarantee, fully certified service in the territory of Western Ukraine, was shown.

UX research and design

Convenient ways of navigation on the site were created - the client's path is reduced from 5 steps to 3 in the portfolio gallery.

Marketing and promotion

Presented is the new positioning of the only official representative of Pride Gas in the territory of Western Ukraine. The marketing strategy of the project was based on search optimization, increasing of the site conversions and promotion in social networks.

Client Review


We contacted the WBE Company to create a new corporate website that should effectively attract new customers. Specialists of WBE deeply explored our business and developed a site that we think is currently the best among the similar in our region! IT company WBE has developed for us (Honza-auto) a marketing strategy, which we implement by joint efforts.


Andrew Syabruk