Client name

Online platform for tickets sales for events - Kvytok

Website link


Project Goal

To create a competitive solution for an online platform for the sale of tickets for events and, based on short terms, to develop the baseline version (MVP) of the project


In the short term, MVP of the platform was successfully developed
Thanks to successful SEO-optimization the site received high positions
520 tickets orders made in the first month of the project
The functional of the admin panel has confirmed the customer's expectations
1500 followers were involved in Facebook
93% of initiated orders ended successfully


  • Choose a name and pick a unique domain that will carry out an analogy with the subject of the site and will allow you to cover a wide range of events by type of event.
  • Automate billing for suppliers.
  • Develop a way for the user to "choose a ticket to pay" and UX design.
  • Develop a UI design that will deliver the company on the market and correspond to the subject of the site.
  • Create Color Schemes of Halls (SVGs) and set them up for easy picking up and buying tickets through the site.
  • Create a system for generating bar code tickets and automatically send them to the buyer's mail after payment.
  • Synchronize data on sold tickets with a single ticket sales company.
  • Ensure the convenient creation and management of events in the site management system.
  • Provide the ability to monitor and analyze sales reports.


    • 3 months

Work Team

    • 1 business analyst
    • 2 back-end specialists
    • 1 front-end specialis
    • 1 UX/UI designer


    • OpenCart 3.0
    • Javascript, jQuery
    • PHPExcel
    • SVG


WBE team implemented a series of solutions to formulate the concept of the project and the development of MVP

Business analysis of the client + benchmarking using

A detailed business analysis of the client was conducted with the study of its business processes, SWOT-analysis, Business Canvas Model. Competitors were analyzed and the best practices for tickets sales on events were revealed

Architecture of MVP of the platform

Due to the short terms of development, WBE team has formed the functional of the basic working version of the project (MVP). For the site engine, OpenCart 3.0 was used, which allowed the use of many ready-made modules

Basic marketing strategy


Module for work with SVG-scheme of a hall


Maximally simplified checkout


Specialized admin panel modules


Client Review


Thank you very much to WBE company for the project you have created for us. I was pleased to work with the team of the project, they got deep into our processes and offered a number of solutions for developing the Kvytok platform, which proved to be effective. With pleasure, I continue to cooperate with WBE, our common goal is to become # 1 in the market of tickets for events!


Anatoliy Krachkovskyy

Founder (Kvytok)