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Module for OpenCart 3.0 «Import from Prom»

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Project Goal

Create a module for OpenCart 3.0 Import from Prom


Automatically update a single database

Decrease of expenses for the processing of the order, thanks to the automatic updating of a single database

Rapid processing of orders

Acceleration of 1st order processing speed

Increased business profitability

Increased business profitability due to lower spending on order management and fast processing of orders.


  • Create an opportunity to automatically transfer data from the site to the OpenCart store management system and update them with the selected periodicity.
  • Create an opportunity to assign appropriate statuses for orders after processing them
  • Conduct data synchronization through the ARI of the account with the current online store on OpenCart.
  • Provide the ability to assign and modify statuses for orders
  • Create a single order management system with OpenCart technology, which allows you to manage your business centrally and influence its effectiveness.


Work Team



Automation of orders

Automated transfer of order information from the site to the OpenCart store management system via API is implemented

The only information management base

Created a single information management framework for orders on OpenCart

Order statuses

Creates the ability to assign statuses for each received and processed order

Automatic database update

The possibility of automatic updating of the information in the database has been created