Why we should use Agile-methodology at web development?

The relatively new methodology of development Agile has quickly gained popularity in IT as well as in other business areas, and there are a number of objective reasons:

1. Minimum time and money

Agile-methodology foresees the division of the entire development process into special stages - sprints. One sprint can last for 1-3 weeks. During the first sprint, the most important functionality is taken into development, to which other functionalities will be added in the following sprints. As a result, the system will be improving constantly during the following iterations.
As priority tasks are always carried out initially, there is no risk that time and money will be wasted.

2. Flexibility

Even if you try to plan the development process to the smallest details, there will always be pitfalls and new priority tasks that can substantially change the entire action course.
Unfortunately, traditional methods are not flexible or easy to implement, whereas Agile copes easily with all the new requirements and unforeseen tasks that arise in the process.

3. A right start

Using the usual development methodologies is a prerequisite for all decisions on the project to be taken in advance before working on it. Then the task of the team is to implement them successfully. However, it is not quite practical. This way, you can only harm the result.
Instead, the agile advantage is that you don’t have to decide immediately on the whole project life cycle. The team starts working on a small part of the project, on which the team makes necessary decisions. In the process of development, new requirements will appear to which appropriate decisions will be made. In this way, the work will be more clearly and productively organized. With the development of the project it will be evident what changes it needs. This will allow you to create a successful project and to avoid mistakes.

4. Result after each sprint

Those who choose the traditional approach to development work on the project following a clear plan: specifications> design> development> QA. In order to pass to the next stage, you must completely complete the previous one. But is it worth doing?
After all, imagine, you spend a lot of time and money to bring the project to perfection, but you do not even know if it is going to be successful! Is it safer to work on a project in iterations, simultaneously enabling all processes and getting a result that will be immediately visible?

5. Quick feedback

It is very important to launch the project as soon as possible, as it allows you to get quick feedback from customers, which will allow you to analyze all its advantages and disadvantages.
Unfortunately, often entrepreneurs try improve their business idea adding new functions to a product, but only in the end realize that users do not need any features. As a result, time and money are wasted. This could have been avoided using flexible development methodologies.

6. Continuous development

Agile-methodology doesn’t predict a special transition from the development stage to the maintenance. The project is constantly in evolution.
After running the project, its users become testers of the project, and their feedback is transformed into new specifications.

7. The better price

Despite the fact that projects with a fixed budget may look more attractive to clients, they ultimately appear to be more expensive. It is not a secret that in this case, the cost of project development for a client includes additional costs to cover all risks.

8. Synergy

During the development of the agile project, the developer team works closely with a client to achieve the best results together.
For example, we hold meetings every week with customers at WBE to discuss new ideas and a plan of the next sprint together.

9. It’s time for changes

Sooner or later, traditional methods become obsolete. The flexible agile development methodology has become a logical response to accelerating global change and significant uncertainty increase.
IT-company WBE uses only the most up-to-date techniques and technologies in its work, therefore, we primarily offer our customers agile approach.
We will help you to complete the entire project development process and ensure that your experience with us will be productive and effective. Are you ready to create your own project? Contact WBE.