Effective Project Management with JIRA

  It is not a secret that system team always uses different instruments for effective work organization of all workers: bug tracking, the system of process management,repository, documents circulation etc. It depends on the methodology that company uses – SCRUM, Canban or another one. The most comfortable instrument is chosen for it. Another thing if the company is multi-functional. It means that it works on several projects and uses Agile-methodology. Properly speaking, that is the way how it is organized the work of the team of WEB Business Effect.

Some history 

Like many companies, we were searching for ourselves optimal instruments for organization and control of working process. Firstly, we looked on Trello, but then rejected because of limited enough its functionality. We tested Microsoft Project, however made the same conclusion as Jeff Sutherland – one of developers of SCRUM-methodology: procedural planning has nothing in common with methodology of flexible development, that we working on. The famous system JIRA is the field of our instrument research.

Range of problems

As is known, JIRA offers standard range of elements – board, backlog and sprints for Agile-development. It means that all tasks of one sprint in one project is situated on one board of the project. Standard windows are used for operations with tasks and have standard workflow.  


For satisfaction of our needs in process management, it was necessary to create flexible board for different roles – the team, the owner of the product and project manager. Counting into attention that company WEB Business Effect leads project on a whole circle from an idea to promotion of the final product, all objects of JIRA must suit all team members.

Working model

As a result of settings and testing different models, our development, management and control system looks like:
-    All projects are made the way Software.
-    Types of tasks are Task, Bug, Epic, Improvement, New Feature, Sub-task.
The workflow counts agreement, confirmation, implementation, control, correcting, rejection and reassignment.



For quick transition between processes, we created and adapted additionally screens for team:

They are used by team for agreement/confirmation, reassignment and finishing tasks:



We created three boards – current progress, agreement/confirmation and process management. Columns in boards are set for comfort display of tasks with appropriate statuses:

Such combination gives an opportunity for each team member, regardless of its role, have all instruments, shift cards on the board on progress lines, effectively accomplish tasks, defined by sprint.


Additional fetches

The monitoring of spent time of each worker on each project is an important task in a such team as Web Business Effect. With this task greatly accomplish Add-On tracker of spent time.


As a result of company Web Business Effect is effectively well-established process, their monitoring, planning, control and estimated workload.
We wish you effective management of projects!