How we were upgrading Laravel to version 5.5

     Recently developers of Laravel framework have introduced its new version – Laravel  5.5.
The main renovations are:
•    the error handler Whoops was turned back;
•    input flags 'vendor:publish' added;
•    styles of newsletter added;
•    appeared the opportunity of mail layouts display in the browser;
•    added new commands for migrations;
•    added automatic search of packages;
•    created the opportunity of change presets for frontend;
•    made re-design of standard errors;
•    simplified the validation request;
•    expanded Blade directives;
•    created a separate class for processing validation. 
     More detailes about the renewal read on Laravel site. 
      Why did we decide to upgrade our projects to Laravel 5.5 version?  Because we keep with the times and in our work use only the latest technologies for web-development. But this is not the only reason!
When developers of IT-company WBE were asked to upgrade their projects to Laravel 5.5, in particular, their own company development and content management system WBE-CRUD, we immediately noticed a lot of advantages in the new framework version.
     The first thing we paid attention to Laravel 5.5 is that in blades you can use a switch that unfortunately did not supported by Laravel 5.4. Now you can simply use the command switch, instead of writing many times in blades if.
     But not everything is as easy as it seems at first glance. Upon updating, we found one problem - the developers of the new version renamed the functions names that we used in our system WBE-CRUD. 

Laravel 5.4 Laravel 5.4
getQualifiedKeyName getQualifiedForeignPivotKeyName
getOtherKey getQualifiedRelatedPivotKeyName


 Because of this, for further successful work with the project, we had to rename them on our own.
      An interesting update is that now it is not necessary to check whether there is a blade or not. You just have to write their list and they will automatically be substituted if they exist.Thus, the new functional Laravel has proven to be useful and we will use Laravel 5.5 in our next projects.

    Wish you easy and fast upgrading as well!