Digital-transformation on the example of the humble English football club Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest is a professional English football club from Nottingham. It is one of the ten most successful clubs in the history of English football.  When the football player Brian Clough was part of the team it was the most successful period in the history of the club. It the time when Nottingham Forest won two European Championships, the UEFA Super Cup, four Football League Cup, the Super Bowl of England, and for the first time in its history became the champion of England.
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PWA or advanced web applications

PWA (Progressive Web Applications) is a web application built using web technologies but interacting with the user as an application. If to look at PWA from a user's point of view, then it is no different from the usual application, but takes less memory and works much faster. But the main thing is that you do not need to use the apps store to access it (PlayMarket, App store, etc.). Progressive Web Applications is the perfect solution for companies which want to improve their digital communication with the audience and make it more comfortable and faster.
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6 stages to create a successful startup

If you are interested in this article, you must bear the idea of your own startup or you have already started to its fulfillment.  We offer you to get acquainted with simple and effective tool “Startup Development Phases” by StartupCommons that actually became a benchmark at startup environment. According to this concept, the startup goes through 6 development phases that can be grouped into 3 main stages such as Formation, Validation and Growth. For each startup is vital to realize on which phase it is and make right steps respectively to current startup phase. 
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