What to read on the weekend: an overview of new industrial technologies from CBInsights.

Every day, our lives are becoming more automated. Previously large factories and factories needed hundreds and even thousands of workers to start production, and now people are increasingly replacing jobs. For example, the warehouse of JD.com, whose area is almost 4000 square meters. m employs only 5 workers, and some Samsung parts are already in the works.

It is becoming easier to produce goods. Generally, factories and factories use only 60% of their resources. At a time when new technologies are raising this figure to 85%.

Modular equipment and 3D printing allow you to quickly customize products and improve production quality. For example, printing sneakers by individual standards. This contributes to reducing the number of defects, since the quality assessment is performed using algorithms.

How else will automation make it easier for people to live in the future? Read the article.