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27 October, 2017

Recently developers of Laravel framework have introduced its new version – Laravel  5.5. When developers of IT-company WBE were asked to upgrade their projects to Laravel 5.5, in particular, their own company development and content management system WBE-CRUD, we immediately noticed a lot of advantages in the new framework version.

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19 September, 2017

  TypeScript was introduced as programming language based on JavaScript in 2012 and till now developing rapidly.
For those that have doubts whether it worth to turn to TypeScript we want to argue some pluses.
The first and the most significant advantage of TypeScript is its statistic typing. It means that:
-    Less code. Defining the type by one time variable, we don’t need to write big amount of checking during every usage of this avariables.
-    As a rule, statistically typified languages are quicker.
-    It allows revealing some mistakes on the compilation stage.

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11 September, 2017

 The methodology of Design Thinking is regarded to creative strategies of designers that used in the process of projecting. Also Design Thinking is the methodology that is used to solve not only designer tasks but also important social problems. It helps to look on the problem from a wide perspective, to get to the bottom of its things and with the help of more detailed analysis offer unconventional decisions that could prevent many problems in the future.

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26 July, 2017

Business Canvas Model is one of the instruments of strategical management for entrepreneurs. Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur are the authors of this instrument.

Their book "Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers" is the most popular instrument for studying construction business models. The book offers the original concept of business analysis, creation and improvement of business models used by the largest companies in the world and, of course, Web Business Effect.

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24 July, 2017

BEM is a methodology of web-development. The base of the method is to create common semantic structure of the whole project, regardless the technology that is used during the development.

Abbreviation BEM deciphers as a block, an element and modifier. Thus, the whole project, created based on BEM is a set of blocks, elements and modifiers.

Look on in details the advantages of using such methodology.

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