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About Us

IT-company WBE (“Web Business Effect”) was founded in 2011 and the office is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Our team consists of professional specialists of the fields of business-analysis, UX/UI, web-development (frontent and backend), project management and online marketing. We provide full spectrum of services of web development and also online marketing, herewith using the most effective solutions for our clients.


When we are developing any project, we use the system approach. Each employee of IT-company WBE works with the regard to the effectiveness of the entire project as a system. Due to this, the work of our company is maximally optimized and focused on the final result.


In order to improve the effectiveness of project development, the team of IT-company WBE offers automated solutions to clients. This will provide rapid development, as well as scaling the client's project in the future without additional time and quality loss.


Proactivity is one of the main values of our team. WBE's specialists are able to take the initiative and take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. For each unit of working time, our worker does more than determined by the technical task. Therefore, the result of work often exceeds the expectations of a client and makes him happy.


Throughout the way of project development, we are guided by the principle of аgility and ready for changes in order to maximize efficiency. At the time of implementation of a project, a client does not stand behind, but becomes a part of our team. We develop projects in accordance with the agile methodology, using the most effective methods of work planning.


In our work we are guided by the principles of Kaizen's philosophy - continuous self-development and improvement. Each WBE employee has his own individual development plan, and no one day stands still. Our team strives to direct its knowledge and skills to improve clients' projects, as we are convinced that the development of our customers is the key to the development of WBE IT-company.



We use LAMP because it’s the best choice by the most e-Commerce Developers. This technology stack as it is open source in nature. This means it can be easily adapted to suit certain given requirements quickly and without any hassle. LAMP is Easy to Code, Easy Deployment, Local Development before deploy over the web.  We are once who are experts and experienced using the LAMP stack effectively.


We use the latest framework Laravel for development, which allows you to solve many non-trivial tasks on the backend, as well as to produce fast and high-quality development of the frontend. Actually, the combination of different technologies allows us to increase the team's productivity by saving money from our customers.


Part of our team specializes in developing online stores, so we created our own platform with the core of OpenCart, remade many modules, added our own functionality. Our online stores can do much more than the usual build of OpenCart "from the box". Simple checkout, buy-in-1-click, multilangual version via subdomains, SEO-URLs this are not all features what we have in our platforms. So development of new e-commerce project takes us less more time, than you will use original OpenCart.


We stand guard over the interests of our customers and, apart from development, so we offer a full cycle of promotion in the market. Modern online marketing tools allow us to achieve the delivered KPIs within a specified time. 


Using the flexible development methodology SCRUM and the version control system makes it possible, together with the customer, to implement the new functionality as a result of each sprint, and also to fully interact with all the teams among themselves - developers, designers and the marketing department. As a result - a quality solution in terms of time and money.

Work Process

client request
Specification & Estimate


Project planning

Planning is a key stage of products development. Based on the epic and user-story created at meeting , we prepare a technical specification for building up UX (business Canvas Model and user-flow)  and for developing the necessary functionality. At the next step we build a road map for the product’s movement, depends on the tasks: development, promotion, full or partial support. After that, our experts make a more detailed estimate, breaking the development on sprints and releases. The basic project’s plan is approving by the client.


UX/UI & Development

For best result and our client’s satisfaction we plan all details in project. Persona creation, user journey creation, user-flow creation, mockup’s preparation and user interface realization – these steps are necessary for reach goals which are for the project has been identified.

We use modern technologies for development process, moreover each new functionality is thoroughly tested. Using agile-methodology allows you to move quickly while maintaining the maximum quality of the product.


Promotion & Support

When everything is ready, you need to make sure that your product will became well-known by your clients. The WBE team knows how to effectively promote not only start-ups, but also existing projects on the Internet. We use only proven promotion tools for analytics and research, Digital Marketing, CRM-systems.
Our cooperation does not end at the moment when your project appeared on the Internet. We continue to develop the product, adding new improvements and making the necessary adjustments. Our team provides full technical support for the product throughout our communication also.


  • Sklad

    Multi-store management system

    Serious development of management system with stock in YII. Unlimited number of subsidiaries in different countries under the management of one workplace. Full tracking of purchases and sales, as well as management of returns.

  • BetHint

    Football predictions hints for betting

    Development of startup for fans of football betting on Laravel. Parsing of football statistics, mathematical algorithms, the formation of tips on rates for more than 90,000 football matches. A highly loaded and fully scalable model allows you to supplement an unlimited number of markets for betting.

  • tipster

    Sport competitions aggregator

    Aggregator of free competitions for sports forecast fans. Development on Laravel. Own version of CMS (calls CRUD) is installed. Logic of back-end allows to automate the update of repeated competitions. Full cycle of development and marketing support.

  • Corner-stats landing page

    Landing-page for corner-stats

    Landing-page for lead-generate from tipster's audience. Developed especially for England region, stereotypes of regional football fans have been used.

  • CRUD


    We developed own CRUD with admin interface for quick generation different content's web-sites. In this case during a little time we can create base for landing-pages, information sites, news portals whatever. This product helps us save much time for development process.

  • Corner-stats

    Football stats portal

    Statistical portal where football stats are agregated. A lot of tools for statistical analises are developed. Portal is useful for tipsters, sport newsmakers and football fans. Allows analise statistical data and make different result's predictions for football matches. Historical stats data are included also. Access is allowed after paid subscription.


We are here to help. We will be pleased to hear from you, or receive a proposal for joint cooperation. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Promyslova st., 50/52, Lviv, Ukraine


+ 38 (068) 610 01 36

+ 38 (093) 856 33 04



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