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09 January, 2018
772 is a powerful catalogue of companies from all over the world with real reviews and ratings. This site helps business owners to find trusted partners or entrust tasks to proven firms to be sure of the quality of services they provide. On the other hand, it allows companies to introduce their brand to a wide range of potential customers and to stand out noticeably among competitors.

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22 December, 2017

Merchandising sales is one of main sources of football club income. The assortment of leading football clubs counts in couple of thousands names, there you can find the most variable goods including football kits, clothes, accessories, toys, souvenirs, goods for fans and for home, stationery, polygraphs, computer accessories, goods for kids and so on. 
A football club merchandises its production via official fan-shops, fan-shop sectors in malls, directly at the stadium in the day of the football match and via its own online store. Currently e-commerce is growing up rapidly and namely online store begin to take center stage in merchandising by football clubs. 
The specialists of WBE IT-company have analyzed successful cases and have defined 5 key tendencies and factors that are necessary to count during developing the effective online store of the football club. 

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11 December, 2017

The relatively new methodology of development Agile has quickly gained popularity in IT as well as in other business areas, and there are a number of objective reasons:

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04 December, 2017

If you are interested in this article, you must bear the idea of your own startup or you have already started to its fulfillment. 
We offer you to get acquainted with simple and effective tool “Startup Development Phases” by StartupCommons that actually became a benchmark at startup environment. According to this concept, the startup goes through 6 development phases that can be grouped into 3 main stages such as Formation, Validation and Growth. For each startup is vital to realize on which phase it is and make right steps respectively to current startup phase. 


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19 September, 2017

  TypeScript was introduced as programming language based on JavaScript in 2012 and till now developing rapidly.
For those that have doubts whether it worth to turn to TypeScript we want to argue some pluses.
The first and the most significant advantage of TypeScript is its statistic typing. It means that:
-    Less code. Defining the type by one time variable, we don’t need to write big amount of checking during every usage of this avariables.
-    As a rule, statistically typified languages are quicker.
-    It allows revealing some mistakes on the compilation stage.

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