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19 September, 2017

  TypeScript was introduced as programming language based on JavaScript in 2012 and till now developing rapidly.
For those that have doubts whether it worth to turn to TypeScript we want to argue some pluses.
The first and the most significant advantage of TypeScript is its statistic typing. It means that:
-    Less code. Defining the type by one time variable, we don’t need to write big amount of checking during every usage of this avariables.
-    As a rule, statistically typified languages are quicker.
-    It allows revealing some mistakes on the compilation stage.

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24 July, 2017

BEM is a methodology of web-development. The base of the method is to create common semantic structure of the whole project, regardless the technology that is used during the development.

Abbreviation BEM deciphers as a block, an element and modifier. Thus, the whole project, created based on BEM is a set of blocks, elements and modifiers.

Look on in details the advantages of using such methodology.

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18 April, 2017

The developers of the sites were searching for ways of speeding up the process of development. The first CMS appeared in web in this way. Although when it was found out to be not enough, the first constructors of sites appeared. In spite of that with the help of these constructors of sites, every willing person could create new web-service for one evening even not being a programmer, these instruments were found out not to be very comfortable at work. Because they were limited by some frames and templates laid down by the developers of the constructor. 

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